2022 Wedding Color Trends

11 Colors Palettes That Are Dominating The Wedding Trends 2022 – Timeless and Enchanting Color Palettes 

It is no secret that the wedding color palette is going to set the tone of your whole celebration. Think of all the wedding decor, the florals, the table setting, bridesmaids’ dresses, invitations, and everything in between! Because it plays such a major role in pulling together a cohesive aesthetic that would reflect your love story, you need to choose the right combination of tones to paint your nuptial dreams. This may sound like a daunting task, but trust us – with the right guidance and ideas, you will be able to pull off an extraordinary event that would enchant everyone. That being said, today we will showcase the best wedding trends 2022 that will help you pick a dreamy color scheme! 

 1. Romantic Purple Tones 

We start with the Pantone color ‘Veri Peri’ that is making its statement when it comes to the wedding trends 2022. This ethereally romantic and undoubtedly rich purple tone can be easily combined with different purple hues on a lighter scale to achieve a timeless look. Paired with lavender and green, it will adorn any outdoor affair most beautifully. You can also go for a classic and luxurious look by intertwining it with black or be bolder and go for vibrant colors like pink and coral. 


2. Timeless Greens 

If you reflect on every wedding trend in the past, you will see that the timeless allure of green colors is here to stay in 2022 as well! What makes them so attractive for couples is the lovely romantic elegance they give to the whole theme. In addition, greenery is easily combined with other colors. For a softer aesthetic, use olive or mint green with blush. To evoke an organic feel, you can always pair them with neutrals. 


3. Enchanting Dusty Rose 

Muted tones have long been a choice for modern couples, but when it comes to wedding trends 2022, the dusty rose will make its statement. It is a gorgeous and gentle hue that can be combined in many ways. Not to mention how it will give a special feel to your luxury wedding invitations! It goes so beautifully with the greens, accented with white for a soft feel, but you can choose to pair it with ivory and champagne too. Thinking about introducing a gilded touch to your aesthetic? The dramatic gold goes perfectly with the dusty rose! 


4. Yellow Divinity 

We will see more of yellow this year as couples seek to embody a fresh feel for their celebration of love. One of the color combos you may like to incorporate is yellow (a daffodil or sunflower hue) with dusty blue or with olive green. It gives you a fresh feel of spring or summer wedding aesthetic. The best thing is that yellow works with many hues. For a more contemporary look, set a white base, and for warmer late September allure, pair it with warm browns. 


5. Serene Light Blue 

Did you know that light blue is associated with trustworthiness? That makes it a wonderful choice for your wedding aesthetic. In addition, it is a color that can complement any other. May it be with light lavender, pastels, light sage green, bluebell tone, vibrant red, yellow, or simply channeling ocean aesthetic with white for your destination affair – it is a gorgeous hue that is rightfully taking its place among the wedding trends 2022. 


6. Natural Earthy Tones 

Think of rust, terracotta, cognac, mustard, olive greens, and umber. These gorgeous warm earthy colors can be incorporated at any time of the year in various combinations. However, we feel that they look best during summer and fall. Because they are a bit moody, feel free to indulge in a texture play and add a beautifully layered feel. This is not a new trend, but it is not surprising at all that it is here to stay! 


 7. Eclectic, Bold, and Bright 

Create an unexpected yet seamlessly cohesive palette that will make a striking statement! This year is all about being bold and bright so the possibilities are endless. Pair deeper tones, such as berry, deeper blue, or purple; and match them with choral, peachy pink, orange, blush, or even light blue! It might be unexpected among all the pastel domination during the previous years, but this year, bold elegance is what will set the tone for many couples. 

8. Spellbinding Burgundy or Emerald 

Some of the jewel tones we adore, especially when it comes to luxury wedding invitations, are burgundy and emerald. You can combine them with burnt sienna or burnt orange for a warm aesthetic that reflects the beauty of the colder months. We love that authentic feel of fall which can be beautifully translated into your wedding décor. 


9. Eloquent yet Contemporary Black 

It has been clear for a while that the wedding trends 2022 will definitely lean towards contemporary elegance, and black is the perfect embodiment of that! Even though black and white are a timeless classic, consider introducing another color such as copper or gold.  


10. Glamorous Metallics 

Looking to introduce glamor to your iconic wedding? The metallics are the perfect accenting colors that will elevate the whole atmosphere. From bridesmaids’ dresses to luxury wedding invitations, and from elegant accessories to décor elements – choose your hue and add a touch of opulence. The most commonly used is champagne, however, silver, dusty rose, and gold are all extraordinary choices as well! 

11. Here to Stay: Neutrals 

Every color has its own neutral tone, so the choices are vast. To adorn your styling with soft light neutrals, consider sand and sage, or lavender and wheat; and to add more depth, choose a palette of neutral clay with darker mocha or cement. 

We are confident that by the end of this article you are already full of ideas about your preferred color choices! In essence, even though these are wedding trends 2022, that doesn’t mean you must follow them. Your wedding day is a reflection of your personality and love story, so choose whatever your heart desires. 


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