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Upani is winning the adoration of couples since 2008 with a unique take on luxury wedding invitations to announce the happy news in style.

Founded by Gurpinder Balcon, Upani has grown to be one of India’s top exclusive wedding invitation curators. With a passion for opulent luxury and helping you announce your news in style, our designs are an ode to the happiest day of your life. With your love story as our muse, we are dedicated to the creation of elegant invitations and custom designs that are stylish yet timeless. Our artistry extends beyond wedding celebrations, offering bespoke and pre-tailored handcrafted packaging for start-ups, corporate, and brand services.


One of our primary goals is to evoke a striking impression on your guests and set the tone of your iconic wedding. Upani’s sophisticated designs are made to be just as unique as your story. With an eye for aesthetic beauty and the ability to translate your effortless elegance into designs, we wish to provide you with an authentic way to delight your guests. With a plethora of clear acrylic designs, laser-cut designs, raised print, foil print, handmade boxed invitations, and 3d cards; you will be able to pick your perfect design seamlessly. Dive into a world of splendor, luxury, and visual storytelling!


Upani is all about channeling creativity through flawless luxury and innovative designs that are bound to create a wow factor. We believe that wedding invitations set the bar for your most important day, so in our world, they need to be curated outstandingly and perfectly. Boasting splendor and uniqueness, our creative process is specially tailored to meet your preferences. 

One of the factors that set us apart is the fact that we put a lot of effort and thought into designing high-quality invitations. All of them are utilized on high-end paper with immaculate printing techniques that add proficiency, exquisiteness, and exclusivity to the design. Not only are they adorned with opulence, luxury, and sophistication; but they are tailored to become treasured keepsakes of your wedding. With a dedicated and creative team,
Upani’s inspirational force is creating dream wedding invitations that are an embodiment of the finest art.


Our clients are acquiring our services from all around the world, which makes us a complete one-stop solution for exquisite wedding invitations – regardless of where you come from. What matters to us is elevating your event with our services and primarily helping you paint your vision. In our collections, you will find various themes and aesthetic delights – ranging anywhere from handmade Indian wedding cards, laser-cut design invitations, to unique wedding hampers, and much more. Even though our services started in India, due to popular demand they have expanded to every corner of this earth, so we ship globally with wholesale prices. 

If you wish to intertwine your event with complete authenticity, we also offer bespoke custom wedding invitations, aligned with your preferences. However, regardless of what services you desire, all of our dimensional designs have the option to feature delicate adornments and detailing such as bows, ribbons, layering, ethereal feathers, and Swarovski.

Choose our unique luxury wedding invitations and completely enchant your guests! 

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